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Our Story

MBA was founded in 2019 with a simple goal, to help small businesses achieve success in the Government Marketplace. Connecting small businesses who are masters of innovation, experts in their fields, and the backbone of American commerce with Government Agencies enables the Government to obtain expertise and agility and meet their small business goals. 

MBA's founders have an average of 30 years working within the Government allowing us to expertly guide small businesses through the sometimes daunting process of capturing, bidding, and winning federal business. Our team offers a 'drop in division' to your firm, assisting you through every step of the process.

Our Leadership

Timothy Brown, Owner and Founder

Mr. Brown is the Owner & Founder for McAllister, Brown & Associates, LLC.  Mr. Brown’s expertise is derived from 28 years in business operations, finance and accounting, analysis, business development, program management, quality assurance, production, and executive management for various multimillion and billion-dollar military and contractor-supported programs.


He began as a financial analyst for the Navy Area Theater Ballistic Missile Defense (TBMD) program under the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and was responsible for reconciling over $300M in all types of appropriations and in account for $1.5B in five and seven-year Navy appropriations.




Mr. Brown moved on to manager and eventually director of business operations for Navy In-Service Submarine Programs, Perot Systems Government Services.  Reporting directly to the sector vice president, he oversaw financial management of the $30M annual revenue sector with three main submarine programs.  Later, he was the program manager for the $392M Seaport omnibus contract, a role that gave him oversight of over 35 subcontractors, all customer reporting, program reviews, and financial and operational management.  Mr. Brown provided quarterly projections internally to the comptroller and vice president of finance for corporate reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

He then took a position as director of finance and accounting for Engineering Systems Solutions a $30M service-disabled veteran-owned small business handling all end-of-year budget processes, directing external audit activities, and compiling critical information for the CFO and COO.  Mr. Brown developed all estimates to complete, conducted account flux analysis to identify variances to budget, developed and maintained depreciation and amortization schedules, and oversaw the development of all business process improvement policies, procedures, and charts (ISO 9001/2002).

After ESS, Mr. Brown was the senior director of business operations for the Mission Solutions division of Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC).  He was responsible for oversight of financial and operational management of a $110M annual revenue executive group.  He supervised all customer-related reporting and program reviews.  He provided recommendations to the vice presidents (missions and capabilities) on all aspects of business analysis, and oversaw all cost estimating for the division.  Mr. Brown was considered a strategic lead for all large-dollar company competitive bids prior to transferring as General Manager and eventually Vice President to EVC, CTC’s for-profit affiliate.


Most recently, Mr. Brown was the Vice President and COO for Enterprise Ventures Corporation, CTC’s for profit affiliate.  He had oversight and involvement in the corporate strategy, development of the five-year business plan, policy and procedure oversight, business development, operational management, and profit and loss responsibility for the $30M company.

George McAllister, Owner and Founder

...Bio and picture coming soon!

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